The Australian Building Code Board (ABCB) is committed to ensuring practitioners of all experience levels can understand and apply the code. To support you in your job and education, the ABCB regularly produces resources such as news articles, videos, infographics and case studies.

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This document provides direction for CodeMark Certification Bodies to follow when issuing Certificates of Conformity (CofC) under the CodeMark Australia Scheme using the CofC template.


This corrigendum changes expiry dates contained in NCC 2019 and NCC 2019 Amendment 1 relevant to some NCC referenced documents.


The 2020-2023 Business Plan is a reflection of the ABCB's commitment to implementing the regulatory reform agenda agreed by Governments.


This video discusses if it is suitable to place a basin within the 1.2 m clear space within a sanitary compartment.

This video discusses the requirements for providing a compliant group number test certificate.

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This video discusses where the height of a barrier should be measured from when the barrier is mounted on a plinth.

This video discusses what the phrase ‘open to the sky’ means, particularly as applied to occupiable outdoor areas.

This video discusses the fire hazard property requirements for floor coverings in Specification C1.10, and other NCC provisions that alter where a sprinkler system is installed.

This video discusses whether or not the concession within Open carports can be applied to a patio.

This video discusses if the concession within C1.5 can be applied when a basement carpark is present.

This video discusses whether or not chain downpipes are compliant with the National Construction Code.

NCC 2022 comes with some important changes to its structure and format.

NCC 2022 comes with some important changes to its structure and format, as part of the ABCB’s commitment to delivering a code that is user-friendly and modern.